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G Art

Our concept includes our new Crooked Spire Coffee & Art House as a meeting place for aspiring and established artists in all fields of artistry. Coffee, Shakes, and Energy Drinks are an artisan’s elixir and we craft spaces for the arts community to come and create together. Through holding relevant effective workshops, creating live affordable media and audio recordings, generating special events for local and larger performances, resourcing organic jam sessions for musicians, plus producing lessons for budding artists; it is our intention to continue our time-honoured tradition of working closely with the arts community. Immerse yourself in the Creative Innovative "CROOKED SPIRE" Art House!


Crooked Spire is a great place to rub shoulders with other artisans who understand what you are trying to express. Be inspired by each other's creativity.


From our brick laneway to our interior walls, we have an ample supply of canvas space for budding and experienced artists.


All artists have something to say. Come create together and sharpen your story by allowing other artisans to work with you on your point of view adding value to your narrative.