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Unite. Innovate. Create. Shape.

G Centre is a place where diverse leadership communities can UNITE through meaningful connection, INNOVATE through the exchange of ideas, CREATE leadership archetypes by retaining the courage to risk take, and SHAPE culture through the willingness to intentionally design what we do.   

Through our CEO and Cultural Architect Andrew Schaper, G Lead attracts and connects with a leadership community on an International scale. Andrew specialises in the Artistry of Leadership and Culture Creation, coaching and mentoring leaders both locally and globally in the Corporate, NFP and Faith-Based sectors. He has been a regular guest lecturer and communicator in a number of prestigious international leadership colleges for over two decades. Andrew, coupled with the ever-increasing influence of our local leadership group means we are poised to continually train and shape emerging leaders. 

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always reaching for more

As the CEO of G Centre and the Founder and Executive Director of i-REACH International, Andrew exists locally and globally to Coach and Mentor Leaders, Companies, NFP's, and Faith Based Groups to be innovative and creative in strategically fulfilling their mission and reaching their full potential.

i-REACH International is the Global arm of Andrew Schaper's leadership adventures.

Keep your eye on i-reach.tv to be part of Andrew's global impact and ongoing narrative.



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about andrew schaper


Andrew Schaper is a nationally and internationally respected Leader and World Class Communicator. He shares from his broad leadership experience of nearly 30 years through his involvement with an array of organisations that have contributed to a city and nation-wide paradigm shift in the church, NFP and business sector in Australia. He continues to impact the globe with his influential leadership training, his humorous down to earth style and contemporary relevant concepts for a multifaceted audience.

He is recognised as a dynamic, passionate, insightful and inspiring communicator who challenges the listener to discover and fulfil their possibility power. 

Breaking new ground with a youth movement

Andrew worked with Youth Alive for 10 years and was part of the founding team that established Youth Alive in Western Australia. As a State Director he was involved in the pioneering and developing of the Youth Alive regions and producing large scale events for State and City-wide impact. He was a regular communicator at Regional, State, and City-wide Youth Rallies, Camps, and Conferences. Youth Alive WA currently ministers to over 50,000 students and has rallies with more than 10,000 in attendance. Through the network and influence of Youth Alive, Andrew and the team contributed to a city and nation-wide paradigm shift in the local church in Australia and beyond.

Training and releasing next generation leaders

For more than 10 years Andrew was a regular guest lecturer and communicator at Hillsong International Leadership College in Sydney. Through his involvement at both campuses and his ongoing leadership training in other International Colleges, he is part of the raising, training and releasing of thousands of next generation leaders from over 90 nations across the globe. This coupled with his local church experience, NFP and business leadership mentoring has given Andrew keen insight into the nuts and bolts of NFP, Business and Church leadership, offering ongoing coaching in churches, businesses and the NFP’s across the globe.

“Thank you once again for your impact and insight ...We appreciate the investment that you have made in our students and look forward to next time.” –Mark Hopkins, Executive Vice President Hillsong International Leadership College, Sydney

Leadership and church experience

Andrew's leadership and church experience shows longevity and his ability to build healthy consistent growing organisations.  

Early Church Experience

Andrew’s  first church building experience was as a Leader and Pioneer in a Multi-Cultural Church for just over 8 years, where he was the Youth Leader for 6 years. Through his involvement with local high schools pioneered one of the largest youth groups in Western Australia in an 18 month period. During this time there they held gatherings in Italian, Croatian, Spanish and English. In 1994 Andrew resigned his position as the Associate Leader and was sent out as an Itinerant Communicator and Leadership Trainer.

Previous Community and Church experience

Andrew was the Senior Minister at Generations Centre where he co-led an electrifying, contemporary and community-engaging organisation in Western Australia. Generations Centre was a 38 year-old organisation that in the later part of 1995 was in rapid decline. Over a 17 year period Andrew and the team led the church through a major transformation process; from a congregation-led church to a leadership-led church. It became an urban, youthful, relevant, influential and vibrant community-impacting church, known for their community work and passion to redeem and transform communities.

In December 2012, at the age of 55 years, the church had reached its capacity, and after being one of the more prominent 'attractional' church models that had successfully transitioned toward a more missional approach, Andrew and the team felt it had run its course and it was time to pluck and replant. They sold the property, donated equipment to other struggling organisations, and totally closed down Generations Centre Morley in order to pursue a more missional approach in Midland.

Current community and church Experience

Andrew is currently the CEO at G Centre and Senior Minister at G Church where he leads a community-engaging organisation in Midland, which sits in the Eastern suburbs of Western Australia. After finding an innovative new way of viewing church it led to what is now described as a collective ‘reverse engineering’ of the church. Having the courage to create something that starts with community and organically finds its way to the church began an entirely new narrative of Radical Organisation Redesign. With a new venue housing SIX core communities they have truly created a place where communities converge.

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Current National and International Experience

As the founder of i-REACH International (‘always reaching for more’) Andrew is an internationally respected leader of leaders and inspiring communicator, he always brings something that will stretch and motivate his listeners towards greatness. He travels extensively throughout Australia, the UK and Europe, the USA, and Asia Pacific region. He is a visionary leader with a big spirit and will challenge you to the core to think outside the box and believe for the impossible.

Specialist in leading the Millenial and 'Dot Com' Generations

Andrew is regarded as a specialist in effectively training, equipping, and leading Millennial and Dotcom generations. He consults with and coaches leaders of churches, corporations, and community organisations on how to successfully train and transition both future leaders and exceptional workers in the Millennial and Dotcom generations.

Television/Media Appearances

Over the years Andrew has appeared on various radio and TV programs and was a guest on the world renowned PTL show on TBN along with Rice Broocks, Ed Stetzer, and Steve Sjogren. The program aired internationally in 2011 and can be found in the TBN archives.

Radio Experience

Andrew was also well known as a influential radio communicator on the two radio programmes "Wake up Australia" and "The Rock" which he presented for over 8 years. His programmes were some of the most popular presentations on a secular community radio station 100FM in Western Australia with an audience of over 20,000 people.

Conference themes across the globe

Leadership conferences and Staff/Leadership Meetings

  • Priority One – Lead Your Self
  • High Intensity Pressure Valves for all Leaders 
  • Leading Leaders and Building Effective Teams 
  • Creating a Volunteer Army
  • Leadership @ the Movies (Leading in Life)
  • Braveheart Leadership @ the Movies
  • Dynamo Leadership for Dynamic Environments

Cre8ive Reach Conferences

  • SO HELP ME GOD – of all the things that God has at His disposal He still chooses to use people to reach people.
  • EXCUSE ME YOU'RE INTERRUPTING MY LIFE – the greatest miracles in your life will happen in the interruptions but in this ‘me’istic busy consumer oriented culture are we willing to be interrupted to experience those miracles?   
  • THE RELEVANCE FACTOR – we can’t reach people if we are unable to relate.



Andrew experienced great success at a young age as a State and Australasian Champion Swimmer, and later as a renowned Executive Chef and recognised Business Leader with an entrepreneurial spirit. He left the accolades and emptiness of success behind when he and wife Sharon responded to the call of God and entered leadership in his early twenties. Andrew and Sharon's story of how they became fully devoted followers of Christ is nothing short of miraculous and continues to serve as a great narrative of Gods unrelenting, authentic, supernatural power reaching into the world of lost, broken people.

As a believer, prior to entering full-time church employment, he became the WA State Manager for Word Australia and was instrumental in pioneering their first Word bookstore. Later he designed, sub-contracted, and established their first Megastore, substantially growing the overall business revenue for five successive years.

Church Credentials

Andrew was ordained in 1993 and held credentials as an ordained minister with both the Christian Churches in Australia and Australian Christian Churches – formerly known as the (AOG in Australia). Andrew recently moved to a more Global and Trans-denominational approach in both his personal leadership as well as his local church. So he could truly be broad enough to work across all denominations he chose to operate with no affiliation to any one denomination and use an Advisory Panel of highly respected national and international leaders across a number of denominations for the purpose of maintaining tangible accountability.

Master of Arts Leadership (Cand.) and other study

Over the past 20 years Andrew has embarked on a journey of study with varying colleges and programs, including a Diploma of Ministry at Tabor College and numerous other courses. He also studied at Masters level in the MA Lead program with the Sydney College of Divinity. He is an avid reader of a broad range of subject matters including leadership, autobiographies, psychology, secular management, community development, and culture. He enjoys studying the human condition and has keen insights into both Secular and Church culture. He constantly challenges himself to think beyond the box and takes great pleasure in the humbling experience of researching subject matters that continue to confront his current paradigm so he can more effectively connect with a broader audience.

Books and Resources

Andrew is in the process of authoring a number of books, two of which are due for release in the later part of 2017 and 2018.

Supernatural ©

The Name that can Revolutionize your Life. Due for release in the later part of 2018. In this book Andrew shares his personal narrative of his search for significance, his collision with the supernatural, and how he discovered the power of a Name that revolutionized his life.


Can the church really be relevant without compromising its message? This book deals with the Necessity of, the Theology for and Practicality of the Relevance Message. Due for release in the later part of 2018.

The Laughing Jesus ©

This book is due for release in the later part of 2017 and will be the first book in Andrew’s series. It deals with learning to have a sense of humour when life is falling apart. Its message is one of pushing us out of our comfort zones, our religious litigious nature, and learning to embrace an enjoyment for the journey that will take us into a life-filled future.


A complete and growing Catalogue of AUDIO series on the NEW ‘G KEY’ 

Personal and Family

Andrew is currently 51 years of age and he resides on the West Coast of Australia with his wife of 32 years Sharon, and his two sons, Dane (32 years with wife Jani), Jordan (23 years) and his daughter Dakoda (18 years) who are all involved in G Centre and serving their community. Andrew and Sharon are now grandparents to beautiful Scarlett Belle (2 years).


In January 2013 his wife Sharon had a sudden bout of septicaemia (blood poisoning) and after coding out four times in one day (literally on her death bed) she had emergency surgery and was placed in an induced coma in ICU for 27 days. She is now almost 100% recovered.

At the end of September 2015 Andrew had an unexpected stroke and subsequent infarction in his cerebellum (bleed on the brain) which was potentially life threatening and at the very least endangered the full loss of function of his memory, right brain motor skills, and intellect. However he is now almost 100% recovered. 


andrew@i-REACH.tv / andrew@Gcentre.org

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